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My Thoughts On Reggie

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During the in-game discussion last night I was pretty critical of Reggie Evans and some people may have thought it was unfair. After all, he was on the court during the Sixers' comeback. I slept on it, and I don't think it's something I should apologize for. But I will explain, quickly, exactly what I think Reggie is.

I've gone into this subject, in depth, check it out here. So right now I'm going to try to boil it down quickly and then I'd like your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

This is as simply as I can put it. When you absolutely need a turnover, Reggie is probably the best big to put in the game. When you absolutely need a stop, he's probably the worst. Let me explain.

Reggie is going to gamble, he's going to disrupt, he's going to make offenses uncomfortable. Of course, he's also going to weaken your fundamental defense because he's going to be out of position and everyone else is going to be forced to scramble to make up the difference. And, of course, with Reggie on the floor, even if you get the opponent to miss a shot, you really have to worry about grabbing the defensive rebound. Look at it this way, Reggie plays like an extra perimeter defender, not like a big man, on defense. Watch how he's effective the next time he's in there. The closer you get him to the hoop, the less effective he is. He never challenges shots, he's a fouling machine around the hoop. So the team uses him to double and trap away from the hoop, which means that far too often his man is left wide open to grab offensive boards.

When you're playing a clearly superior team, this gamble is worthwhile sometimes. When you aren't, it's usually needless. Against any team, however, in a close game in the fourth quarter Reggie should be nowhere near the court. Tie game, need a stop, Sam Dalembert, Theo Ratliff, Donyell Marshall or even Marreese Speights are going to give you a better chance at getting a stop on defense AND securing the defensive rebound. That's just a fact. And that's what frustrated me so much about last night's loss.

I think I've probably spent more time defending Reggie than most Sixers fans and bloggers because I'm willing to recognize that he can drastically improve the team's chances of winning in certain circumstances. Right now, my problem is that I don't feel the team realizes the difference between when Reggie is helping and when he's hurting.
by Brian on Mar 28 2009
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