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Mystery Guest

After the jump, a couple of quotes from a mystery person. Tell me who you think it is in the comments.

Quote number one:

"If you can defend the first dribble, then you've done 80 percent of your job on the perimeter. If you get deep on the first dribble than it's hard for help to come. If you can stay in front of your man on the first dribble than that's how you can stop the draw and kicks and you don't have to help so much. When you help you leave somebody to help and there's a shooter left open or the next guy passes to the next guy. So that's number one, you have to defend the first dribble and defend the dribble on the perimeter. How do you do that? First of all you'd like to have guys who are defenders first, you have to have athletes. You have to be able to move your feet, stay in front of the dribble, change direction, and sometimes get up on somebody to make it hard for them to even put the ball on the floor." (emphasis mine)

Quote number two:

"Good coaches develop players and fit a system with their players."

by Brian on Jan 8 2010
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