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NBA Draft Live Blog - 2012 Edition

Since Josh Harris and Co. took over control of the Sixers, they haven't done a thing to put their thumbprint on the roster. Mo Speights was shipped out, that's pretty much it. Tonight, we're going to get our first glimpse into where this team is headed. Will they trade up? Will they look to improve upon their second-round exit this past season? Will they take a step back in the hopes of taking several steps forward in the coming years? Or will they simply bring back Spencer Hawes, Lou Williams and Elton Brand, perhaps even trade away their first round pick in tonight's draft to add a veteran to the mix? Your guess is as good as mine, I'm just relieved to get our first glimpse into the future of the franchise. Live chat/blog throughout the night to follow.

by Brian on Jun 28 2012
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