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NBA Draft Lottery Viewer's Guide

By now, you already know the Sixers have an 18.3% chance at landing a top three spot in tonight's draft lottery. You may or may not know their odds of walking away with the #6 or #7 pick is over 70%. If you aren't into odds and you just want to know how you should feel during the painfully slow and drawn out unveiling later tonight, check after the jump. I've created a viewer's guide tailored specifically for the suffering Sixers fans.

The chart below will take us right through to the final three. Print it out, keep track at home, follow along here. Whatever floats your boat. One quick note, once you get below the #9 pick, the guide assumes the Sixers ball hasn't already come up, obviously. Once their pick is set, I could care less what happens with the rest of the lottery.

Enjoy, and as I'm sure you already knew, we'll have a live blog right here to follow along. The post will be up sometime around 5pm, so check back and if you're glued to the TV, drop by for the celebration (hopefully).


by Brian on May 18 2010
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