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Each year the NBA holds its own sort of combine at the pre draft workouts and compiles measurements on most of the draft-eligible players. Thanks to Joe from the comments for sharing the link to the chart and to a story.

Take a look at the chart in the first link, there are some shockers in there. One guy, in particular, I'd like to focus on and that's Joe Alexander.

I saw this kid play in the NCAA's this year, and his name has come up in relations to the Sixers. In fact, I've been hearing an awful lot about him over the past couple of weeks. Notably, I keep seeing him referred to as a sharpshooter. This, I don't get, especially considering he only shot 26.8% from three in college, but that's beside the point. I want to talk about his amazing performance in the measurements.

Alexander's numbers are almost awe inspiring. Anyone out there think Derrick Rose is one of the fastest players entering the draft? Well, Alexander not only beat his time in the lane agility drill (Rose: 11.69, Alexander 11.33) but he also beat him in the 3/4 court sprint (Rose: 3.05, Alexander: 2.99). As a matter of fact, Alexander had the second-fastest time out of anyone measured in the 3/4 court spring (Sonny Weems: 2.96).

For a guy who stands at 6'8.25" (with shoes on) to be out-running every single guard is remarkable, but that's only the beginning. We've compared him to one of the top-two picks, how does he fare against the other, Michael Beasley?

Well, they're the exact same height, with shoes. Beasley outweighs Alexander, but it's mostly fat (Beasley's body fat: 7.7%, Alexander's: 5.8%). Beasley has a longer wingspan, 7'0.25" to 6'11.5" (0.75" difference), Beasley's standing reach was a inch greater than Alexander's, 8'11" to 8'10", and he turned in a slightly better time in lane agility, 11.06 to 11.33. Alexander beat Beasley in every other category. Bench press, Alexander did 24 reps @ 185lbs (2nd best of anyone measured), Beasley did 19 reps. No-step vertical leap, Alexander: 32.5, Beasley: 30.0. Max Vertical Leap, Alexander: 36.5, Beasley: 35.0. 3/4 court sprint, Alexander: 2.99, Beasley: 3.24.

Looking at these numbers, it's easy to see why Alexander is rumored to be skyrocketing up so many draft boards. I don't know how much stock NBA executives put into these numbers, my hunch is that they aren't nearly as important as the NFL combine, but still, this much athleticism has to be opening some eyes. Alexander might just sneak into the lottery.
by Brian on Jun 3 2008
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