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According to ESPN.com, the cap number will come in at $58.68M, slightly below expectations.

Other pertinent information:
  • Luxury tax threshold: $71.15M (The Sixers could easily be paying the luxury tax, depending on the size of Iguodala's deal)
  • The mid-level exception has been set at $5.585M. The Sixers do not have a mid-level to play with.
It's a waiting game now, I'm hoping a formal announcement on the Brand signing will come tonight so I can rest easy, but it's doubtful.

Here's a question for you, which team is the biggest loser early in free agency?
  1. Clippers: Lose Brand and Maggette, sign Baron Davis to pass to...Al Thornton?
  2. GSW: Swap Baron for Maggette.
  3. Wizards: Same team, just $160M more expensive.
  4. Memphis: All that cap space, but won't spend it.
by Brian on Jul 9 2008
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