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Two days to go. I thought this would be a good time to take our first glimpse at the series from a Pistons blogger's perspective. Natalie from Need 4 Sheed was kind enough to collaborate on a QA, her answers to my questions about the Pistons can be found below. If you haven't checked out Need 4 Sheed before you really should, Natalie does some of the best graphical work you'll find anywhere on the web and when it comes to the Pistons, she knows her stuff. Thanks for taking part Natalie.

1. The Pistons have 12 guys on their roster averaging over 10 minutes/game. Does Flip trim the rotation down for the playoffs? If so, who loses the minutes?

You can almost count on Flip Saunders tightening up his rotations for the playoffs. The reason behind the extra play from the bench this season was two fold. Getting the starters some rest so they wouldn't be burned out come playoff time and to finally give Detroit's youth some playing time to help their development.

You probably won't see much of Arron Afflalo or Amir Johnson since Saunders likes to go with experience when it counts.

2. How much does the Sixers 83-82 win at the Palace in March worry you? Was it a fluke or do the Sixers really scare you?

I don't think you will find any Piston fan that is worried about what happened with the Sixers during the regular season. Detroit tends to not get up for some teams and that's what happened back in March at the Palace.

The Sixers are an up and coming team that has some great players. I will be watching Detroit native Willie Green, who always seems to play well against his hometown team. I can't say that The Sixers scare me, in fact I don't even get a shiver thinking about them.

3. Which Detroit bench player will have the biggest impact on this series?

Look for Rodney Stuckey to make the biggest impact in the series. Detroit's rookie combo guard has really come into his own after sitting out the first half of the season with an injury. Stuckey's quickness and athleticism will really help the Pistons when Billup's isn't out there. He's strong, fast and he likes to drive the lane and other than Andre Miller, he's got the edge on every other guard on the Sixers roster.

4. What's the storyline you'll be following that a non-Pistons fan wouldn't even pick up on?

Two things I'm looking at in the series and they may not have anything to do with the Sixers, but the playoffs in general.

Will Flip Saunders be able to make adjustments during The Playoffs? Sure he's been great in the regular season, but his inability to make adjustments when the team is getting stymied is a big worry.

How hungry will the Pistons play? Detroit really hasn't lived up to their potential the past two seasons. They found out that just because they have the best record and possibly the best team on paper, that doesn't assure them a trophy. If they start off the playoffs with the fire and intensity we as Pistons fans know they have nobody can stop them.

So there you have it, straight from the enemy camp. I'd like to thank Natalie from Need 4 Sheed one more time, and check her site for my answers to her questions on Sunday leading up to the game.

Any thoughts on her thoughts?

by Brian on Apr 18 2008
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