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The Sixers and their franchise player couldn't come to terms on an extension of his rookie contract before the 11:59 p.m. deadline last night. They can resume negotiations on July 1st, when he becomes a restricted free agent. This doesn't mean Iguodala's going to leave town, the Sixers would almost certainly match any offer another team makes for him, but I think it will cost the team a ton of money.

The Sixers reportedly offered Andre $55M for 5 years, the most they could have offered was $86M over 5 years. Personally, I think they could have, and should have, gone as high as $65M with their offer. He's going to command a max deal come this Summer, especially when you take a look at the deal Rashard Lewis got last Summer.

Maybe the contract-year will be extra motivation for Iguodala, although I don't think he really needs it. Dumb move by the Sixers brass, if you ask me.
by Brian on Nov 1 2007
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