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No Reason For Hope

Josh Harris didn't push his net worth north of $1B by taking over a poorly run company and then leaving said company's management team in place to continue making the same mistakes, over and over again. Unfortunately...no, tragically, that's exactly what he's done with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Re-signing Spencer Hawes to a 2-year, $13M contract is something a lot of people have tried to explain away with myriad bullshit excuses. "He's only 24!" "It's only a two-year deal!" "He's white!" None of them matter. Re-signing Hawes signifies the powers that be are more than happy with the results they had last season (uptick in ticket sales, surprise run in the playoffs, excitement about the team). Which is fine. They should be happy with the results they had last season. The problem is that they've set those results as their ceiling now. They're spending money foolishly to put the exact same product on the floor for 2012-2013, and in spending that money, they're accepting the current roster's ceiling and locking them into it.

Spencer Hawes is the embodiment of this team's weaknesses. His soft interior play is contagious. His "facilitating" 20 feet away from the hoop takes the ball out of the playmakers hands and pretty much guarantees a low-percentage shot. If this team was going to improve on the floor, if they were going to improve their ceiling as a ball club, they needed to move in a different direction. If this team had a plan to rebuild themselves into a contender, the moves makes no sense. If they had a plan to simply improve upon the 2011-2012 version, the move makes no sense. Like I said, signing Hawes signifies they're not only happy with the results from last season, they're content if they simply repeat those results over and over again. That's no plan. That's fear of taking a risk, that's not daring to be great. It's sad. It's feeble. It's conservative bean counting by the owners and bull-headed stubbornness from whoever made the decision.

At this point, it doesn't matter one bit who's calling the shots, because whoever it is has shown his cards, his motivation. The Mo Harkless pick, trading away a future first rounder for a defensively inept power forward, and now re-signing Spencer Hawes. No lessons have been learned from past experience. None of these moves addresses the glaring weaknesses of the team. None of these moves signifies swinging for the fences to get the Sixers out of their rut. It's more of the same, only worse. The Sixers have now had two chances to cut ties with Spencer Hawes and all that he represents, and instead they've signed him to two contracts. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about the team's plans, or lack thereof, nothing will.

I stand corrected, the $6M for Nick Young (an inefficient gunner who plays zero defense), is even more evidence there is no plan.
by Brian on Jul 6 2012
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