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No Rest For The Mediocre, Off to TO

Over the past six-plus weeks, the Toronto Raptors have posted an unimpressive 10-14 record. What is impressive, is the dramatic swing the team took from horrid to great within that stretch. They lost an impressive 12 of 13 games early on, then won 8 of 9 later. They're currently riding a 2-game losing streak as they wait, rested, for this beleaguered Sixers team in Toronto.

Previews seem so pointless when the Sixers are playing like this. Let DeRozan shoot jumpers, don't let Calderon, Lowry or Alan Anderson get open looks from three. Keep Ed Davis and Amir Johnson off the offensive glass and Kyle Lowry off the free throw line. Pretty simple.

On the offensive end, continue to make Jrue do everything because no one else has a pulse, then blame him when he performs and the rest of the team continues to miss shots.

Sound like a plan? Oh, almost forgot. Every time Turner grabs a defensive rebound, make sure he either (a) throws a long pass out of bounds, missing a guy streaking for an open layup (happens at least once a game) or (b) "pushes" the ball up the floor at his top speed (which is a brisk jog for a legitimate NBA athlete), then commence dribbling in place until he can get to his spot and miss a 19-foot jumper without even looking at any of his teammates. And always remember, Doug Collins made Turner this way.

The tip is at 7pm. Use this as your game thread, if you must. I'll be watching on DVR until my eyes bleed and I need to soothe myself to sleep watching Sam Malone and Diane Chambers deny the inevitable.
by Brian on Jan 9 2013
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