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No Sense of Urgency

Spencer Hawes went down with a back injury seventeen days ago. Since, he's played in a couple of games, but he was never full strength. Nikola Vucevic injured his quad/knee six days ago. The Sixers came into the season undermanned at the five, their started went down two-and-a-half weeks ago, their backup almost a week ago and they just now got around to working someone out?

I'm not expecting the Sixers to make some kind of miracle acquisition that will make their team markedly better, but how can Rod Thorn let so much time pass (with two empty roster spots) without at least bringing in a warm body so we don't wind up seeing Iguodala play the five for extended minutes.

The Sixers need a big body to throw out there, and they've really needed one since Hawes first went down. They're obviously going to have to sign one, so this isn't a case where they're being cheap, they want to leave that roster spot open. They could've even signed someone to a 10-day contract. To me, it just looks like they're being lazy and it could wind up costing them a lot more than a loss or two if Brand or Thad winds up injured from eating up those empty minutes.

The two names mentioned were Dan Gadzuric and Francisco Elson. If he's in anything even remotely resembling NBA game-shape, just sign Gadzuric and get it over with, please.
by Brian on Jan 27 2012
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