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Not Much Can Go Wrong...

As long as New Orleans doesn't leapfrog their way into a top three pick and the Sixers don't fall out of the top three, tomorrow night's lottery won't be a disaster.

Assuming Karma takes the night off, the Sixers will head into the draft with a potential franchise-altering talent with their own pick and a solid role player, at worst, at number 10. Obviously, if New Orleans jumps into the top three, the Sixers lose that pick (and they'll probably wind up picking somewhere in the teens next year as New Orleans adds Wiggins, Parker or Embiid to the unibrow, Jrue, Ryan Anderson and Co.).

I'm going to be extremely pissed if the Sixers wind up with the #5 pick and people immediately start kidding themselves about what a banger Randle is going to be at the next level. I suppose I won't be looking for the nearest bridge if they wind up at number four, but I really, really don't want to be in the position of just taking the guy who was left out. I want the Sixers to be in the position to get the guy they want and for me it's a four-man draft up top. My order is Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum but I keep flip-flopping on the last two.

With the second pick, should there be one, Stauskus, McDermott and Lavine are my guys. I'm sick of pussyfooting around the need for shooters and I sure as hell don't want to hope and pray another perimeter player will develop a shot. A solid stroke is a must-have and I'll find a way to deal with any shortcomings. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Tonight is about watching a bunch of over-excited executives (and their demonic offspring who have obviously made a deal with the devil) sitting around waiting for envelopes to be opened. Dr. J, I hope you're wearing your lucky sweatband from 1983.

Two key moments: When New Orleans is announced by #10. When the Sixers aren't announced at #5 or #4. I'll probably be on a train on my way home when the balls are dropped, leave your best/worst case scenarios here, or just discuss how McDermott is a silly target at #10. My skin is as thick as ever.
by Brian on May 19 2014
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