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Not Worth the Risk

One of the rumors people keep trying to push involves the Sixers dropping down to #4 in the draft. The logic is that Minnesota loves Turner and they want to move up. The scenarios involve either Elton Brand ('s contract) or Andre Igoudala, among other things. After Friday's measurements from the pre-draft combine, I'm officially saying I don't care what Minnesota offers, there's no way I'd make that deal.

My reason really has nothing to do with Evan Turner. If you asked me on Thursday if I thought Minnesota could put together a package, I would've said yes. That was before DeMarcus Cousins weighed in at 292 pounds with 16.4% body fat at the combine.

It's not merely the fact that he's overweight that has put him on my "I want nothing to do with that guy," list. It's not just the 30+ pounds heavier he is than his listed weight at Kentucky. It's mostly the fact that this guy hasn't played a game since March 27th. He's had nearly two months to do nothing but work out, get in shape, and put to rest some of the red flags that have been stapled to his forehead. Given two months, anyone should be able to get into decent shape, at least relative to their starting point. But for a guy coming off a full season of college basketball? He should be carved out of stone. Especially if there were major, major concerns about his work ethic to begin with.

Let me state this as clearly as possible. If DeMarcus Cousins is a Sixer when the draft is over, I'm going to be furious. We've already got one skilled big man with an extremely questionable work ethic and a weight problem. This draft is truly a transformative opportunity for the franchise. Resting that hope on a guy like Cousins is unacceptable.

Don't tell me about Cousins' wing span, don't tell me about his college stats, don't tell me about his post game. I don't care at all. This guy had a golden opportunity to prove everyone wrong. All he had to do was dedicate himself for two months. That's it. Even if he truly is a slug at heart, all he had to do was put a good face on it for a short period of time. Instead, he showed up looking doughy, slow and disinterested. This was a job interview potentially with millions of dollars on the line. That wasn't motivation enough for him to get into shape. How can anyone expect him to put the work in when he's already been paid?

Take a look at the picture at the top of this post one more time. Now take a look at this picture I took off my TV during the combine yesterday. That's an embarassment:


If the Sixers do wind up trading down to #4, I think there's absolutely no chance Derrick Favors will be available. The Sixers would basically have to take Wesley Johnson. I like Johnson, I think he's a good fit, but he's the consolation prize in this draft. He's the guy you hope you can get if you don't have a shot at Wall, Favors and Turner. The Sixers have that shot, and they simply cannot give it up.

by Brian on May 22 2010
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