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Nothing But Questions

Shit eating grins. (AP)
I'm at a loss after the Sixers embarrassing 112-90 loss to a depleted Jazz team in Philly tonight. Completely at a loss. All I have right now are questions, I'm hoping you guys can help me find the answers after the jump.

Here are the rotations, with no analysis. Questions to follow:

  1. Is anyone else tempted to respond harshly to players on Twitter after games like this?
    Lou Williams just tweeted something about eating Oreos and relaxing. I want to tell him to watch some fucking game film and figure out how to stay between his man and the basket.
  2. Is it possible Eddie Jordan has completely lost this team after only 9 games?
  3. Eddie Jordan said he goes with guys who produce. Is that just a cover for something he has against Elton Brand personally?
    Tonight, in the third quarter Brand showed probably the most signs of life we've seen from him all season. On one play he got the ball at the elbow, drove right through Carlos Boozer, threw it down with two hands, drew the foul and converted the three-point play. He was the only guy to put a body on anyone in the post all night. In the third (before being pulled for good) he was 3/4 from the floor for 7 of the team's 19 points. What exactly does Jordan want to see from Brand before he actually plays him beyond the first rotation in the third quarter?
  4. Is this team playing worse than the 2008-2009 Sixers played down the stretch, after Thad was injured?
  5. Is this team playing worse than the 2008-2009 Sixers played to start the season?
  6. How does subtracting Andre Miller and adding Elton Brand equal going from a middle-of-the-pack (at worst) defensive team, to one of the worst? If that isn't the most damning evidence against Eddie Jordan, I don't know what is?
  7. Is Jordan relying on Willie Green and Royal Ivey because he honestly believes their veteran presence is somehow making the offense run more efficiently?
  8. How much is Lou's putrid effort at stopping penetration contributing to the overall defensive futility? 50% of the problem? 75% of the problem? More?
  9. How close are you to the end of your rope? What happens when you get there, do you (a) stop watching, (b) stop caring, (c) start rooting for a high lottery pick, (d) all of the above?
  10. What purpose did it serve to keep Jrue on the bench even after the game was out of hand in the fourth quarter tonight?
  11. We know Ed Stefanski forced Mo Cheeks' hand two years ago with the Korver trade. Last year, he brought his guy in to run the team the way he thought they should be run (and by that, I mean make the team run). Do you think he'll involve himself in some way this year? Possibly hand down an edict that Jrue is a part of this team's future, Willie and Ivey are not, so you better start playing him?
  12. A rumor broke today that Elton Brand is available. Would it shock you if he was traded before the end of the season? Would you care? What are the odds these rumors stemmed from the coach saying Brand is either (a) done or (b) doesn't work in the PO?
  13. This time last year, the Sixers were 4-5. Why didn't it feel this bad back then?
  14. Any chance someone on this team shows a backbone tomorrow night and plays with passion?
  15. Where the hell was Speights tonight?
That's it. Nothing but impossible questions that I don't have the answer to.

Player of The Game: I guess Iguodala. 10 dimes and 4 blocks, only 1 turnover. At least he helped my fantasy team.
Team Record: 4-5
Up Next: Chicago

This was a tough one to take. Maybe this will help cheer you up a little bit.

by Brian on Nov 14 2009
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