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Now Or...Who Knows When

There's no shame in splitting a pair of games against the Knicks and Grizzlies. There is, however, shame in the defensive effort the Sixers put forth last night, and blowing a 17-point lead. Anyway, they need to shake it off and focus, because the schedule is smiling on them over the next seven days, and they need to take advantage.

Four out of five. Anything less than four wins in the next five games is a failure. Sure, they can take them one game at a time, and keep their focus narrow, but this team has been reeling for two months. Their effort level has been inconsistent, their execution has been poor, they've had very little to rely on from night to night. Somehow, some way, they need to pull it together and assert themselves in this easy stretch.

Washington tomorrow night, Sacramento on Friday, Orlando on Monday the Indy and finally Charlotte. Four out of five, at a minimum. The Wizards have been playing well, of late. Sacramento has the best big man to ever punch a teammate, get a coach fired, get suspended multiple times and have a .494 TS% on his first 2,600+ attempts, and Orlando has future star, Nikola Vucevic and his dazzling .14 FTA/FGA ratio. The Sixers are going to have to overcome those long odds and find a way to beat four teams with a combined winning percentage of .2994.

I'm heading out of town for a couple days, use this post as your game thread for the Washington and Sacto games, general discussion, etc. I'm sure Tray will regale us with intriguing statistical anomalies utilizing small sample sizes to justify Cousins' shitty career. When I get back, the Sixers better be 20-26 and well on their way to their first 3-game win streak since (hold on, I need to look it up)...yep, November 30th.