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NYK on a B2B

Fresh off a well-played 24-point loss to the Heat, the Sixers head to NYC to take on a struggling Knicks team. New York has dropped four straight in spectacular fashion. If the Sixers regulars can muster the same effort tonight they did last night, they should be able to pull off the upset. Don't hold your breath, though.

Two keys to this game. (1) Jrue must absolutely abuse Raymond Felton like he did the last time these teams met. (2) Evan Turner must not take 19 shots. If Turner can keep his TO's below 5, that would help as well.

Rumor has it Thad will be back, which should help (and mean we'll never see Moultrie again). I got home about an hour-and-a-half ago, watched the Miami game and now I'm settling in for the game thread. The tip is at 7pm. Join me if you're looking forward to seeing Thad back on the floor.
by Brian on Feb 24 2013
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