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Offseason Kickoff Thread

I'm still recovering a little bit from what was an amazing season. More ups and downs than you can shake a stick at. We're going to have plenty to talk about over the next several months (hopefully not more than five or six), but for now, I'll just open the floor to you guys. Open thread to lead us into the great unknown.

As happy as I am about the way those guys played in the biggest games of most of their lives, and as much promise as I see in this roster, I can't help but have a melancholy feeling right now. For some reason, I think there's a decent chance we may have seen Andre Iguodala's final game in a Sixers uniform last night and if that's the case, I'm going to miss watching him play. If it happens, I'll have a ton more to say about it, but something about the way Iguodala has been turned on by this city really makes me sick to my stomach.

Anyway, everything is fair game. Have at it.
by Brian on Apr 28 2011
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