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Oh Yeah, There's A Game Tonight

In what is sure to be a sideshow compared to the Bynum news we're expecting to hear today, Lou Williams is coming to town for the first time in a uniform other than the Sixers. The 15-8 Atlanta Hawks haven't missed a beat without Joe Johnson (or his $125M contract), but the Sixers have to be desperate to kill their five-game slide prior to leaving for their Ice Capades trip.

Jrue and Turner have both said they will play tonight, which helps. Whether it will help enough to stop the Hawks remains to be seen. Thad is going to need to match Josh Smith's energy, and find a way to contribute offensively against a tough matchup. Al Horford remains the Hawks best player, and also remains under-utilized. Let's hope that continues tonight.

The Sixers need to take advantage of Lou defensively when he's in the game, and force him to be a passer when he has the ball in his hands. Stay on the floor for pump fakes, make him shoot off the dribble and keep him out of the lane/off the line.

Apparently, Tony DiLeo is going to give an update on the Bynum situation at 5:30pm, so by the time the game starts there's a very good chance not too many of us will care about the outcome.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be here throughout (unless I'm blinded by rage). Join me if you feel the need to celebrate, or commiserate.

by Brian on Dec 21 2012
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