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On the Outside Looking In

The clock struck midnight a few seconds ago. The most anticipated free agency period is officially underway. Even though the Sixers' odds of landing any of the big name players are slimmer than slim and less than none, I'm still a basketball fan and a blogger, so I'm obligated to make my predictions. I'll do so after the jump.

In no particular order:

  • LeBron - Chicago
  • Wade - Miami
  • Bosh - Miami
  • Amare - Phoenix
  • Joe Johnson - Atlanta
  • Dirk - New Jersey
  • Boozer - New York
  • David Lee - New York
  • Rudy Gay - Clippers
  • Paul Pierce - Boston
  • Ray Allen - Boston
  • Mike Miller - Cleveland
  • Richard Jefferson - New York
  • Raymond Felton - Charlotte
  • Brendan Haywood - Dallas
There you have it. I have the Knicks holding on to David Lee, adding Carlos Boozer and Richard Jefferson. The Nets pull off a minor miracle in luring Dirk away from Mark Cuban, their new owner celebrates with one of his infamous boat parties.

Your predictions in the comments. If you see a rumor throughout the day, leave a link in the comments and we'll discuss the ramifications.
by Brian on Jul 1 2010
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