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On the Road in ATL

5-4 with wins over the Heat, Bulls and Rockets. This team of leftovers, rejects and wannabes has now topped LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and Kyrie Irving, to name a few. Tonight, they'll take a team also lacking a superstar, and a journeyman shooter is the guy who scares me the most.

No MCW tonight, which is a disappointment. Wroten gets a shot to follow up his triple-double against Jeff Teague. If Brett Brown is worth his salt at all as a tactician, Evan Turner will be nowhere near Kyle Korver. Strike that, no matter what Turner will be nowhere near Korver, because he'll lose him constantly if he's guarding KK. My point is Brown needs to give the Korver assignment to anyone but Turner. Turner's lazy defense will turn into 10 threes for Korver, if given the chance. Put him on DeMarre Carrol (25% from three) and let him have a career high. It'll be much less damaging than watching Korver rain threes all night.

Horford and Millsap are both having solid seasons, Thad should have an advantage he can work with against either. If Turner can get Korver guarding him, he damned well better be able to get into the lane. We'll see if James Anderson can follow up his career game with another solid outing, at the same time, Turner's regression to Evan Turner levels on the offensive end continued against Houston (23 points on 23 shots and 5 FTA, 4 of which were intentional fouls at the end of the game), we'll see if it's a blip for a changed player, or if the first seven games of the season were the blip. You know where my money lies.

The tip is at 7pm. I'll be here throughout. Join me if you're down.
by Brian on Nov 15 2013
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