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One Bullet

This team has holes, plural. Unfortunately, as TK76 pointed out yesterday in the comments, the Sixers have put themselves in a position where they may only be able to address one of them. Let's talk priorities after the jump.

Let's table the argument whether the Sixers should draft for need or take the best player available for the purposes of this argument. I want to simply talk about which need is most glaring going forward for the franchise.

Since we're into the whole making an ass out of you and me thing here, one more for you to keep in mind. Ed Stefanski is still at the helm. He still believes in this young core. Essentially, you're assuming he's drafting to improve this current roster as much as possible.

With all of that in mind, do you go for a big or a shooter? Which hole is more important, an eventual replacement for Sam or Brand, or a guy who can play the 2/3 and stretch the floor?

Enjoy your holiday if you're off work today. I'll be out and about, but checking in from time to time. Try to keep it focused on basketball and on topic in the comments.
by Brian on Apr 2 2010
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