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Only Three States Matter

Believe it or not, I'm mustering some excitement for game 82 of this putrid season which seemed like it would never end. The Sixers are in Orlando to face the Magic, who do still have a little something to play for. The Sixers game is only the beginning of the drama, though. Big picture plus game thread after the jump.

Just about the same time the Sixers tip it off in Orlando, the Pistons and Timberwolves will do the same in Minnesota. If the Sixers lose and the Pistons win, the Sixers' odds of landing a top-three pick will move from 15% to 18.25%. If the worst happens, as soon as the Sixers game ends, my league pass will be tuned into the Lakers/Clippers game, because if the Clips lose, our odds at a top-three pick will drop from 15% to 12.5%.

If the Sixers win and the Clippers win or the Sixers lose and the Pistons lose, the odds will stay at 15%. Essentially, a 5.75% chance at landing John Wall, Evan Turner or Derrick Favors rides on these three games. That's reason enough to watch for me. If you still need more, the Sixers will finish with a .329 winning percentage if they lose tonight. A win pushes them up above the.333 mark, and who wants to see that.

No word on whether Orlando will play their "A" lineup, not that it should really matter. I'm hoping for a heavy dose of Jason Smith, early and often, coupled with an end to the ridiculous shooting we've seen from downtown over the past two games.

If anyone wants to volunteer to watch the Detroit/Minnesota game on league pass and provide updates in the game thread, it would be much appreciated. For the rest of us, this is our game thread. The last one until October. So don't be bashful, let's send this season out with a flurry of f-bombs and sarcasm the likes of which have never been seen before. I'll be right here for every cursed second of this game. 48 minutes remain in the Edward Jordan era. Hell, I may even break out Goat Braces to celebrate, I hope you'll join me.

LET'S Go Pistons/Magic/Clippers (if needed)!