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Opening Meh

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Well, it had to happen eventually. The moment I hadn't given a second's thought to all summer is finally upon us. The Philadelphia 76ers will take the floor against a legitimate professional basketball team tonight, the first of 82 contests in which they will be decided, and deserved underdogs.

I'm going to be brief tonight, and throughout the season, because I just really can't find a hook. I've done plenty of soul searching, and there are three things worth following, and honestly they should be followed from a safe distance. The first is accumulated wins. Accidental wins early in the season never disappear from your record, they can be the difference when ping pong balls are bouncing in New Jersey.

Second, there's maybe a 5% chance MCW will turn into a decent player, a guy capable of being in a playoff team's 8-man rotation. The chances of him turning into something more than that are closer to the odds of the team with the 13th-worst record winning the lottery. That's really the only "investment in the future" reason to watch. Maybe he surprises.

The final reason to watch could go either way. Evan Turner will either play out of his mind with the pressure of winning and playing good team basketball completely removed from the equation, in which case Hinkie may be able to trade him for something of moderate value (2nd round pick). Or, he'll completely implode and have a mental breakdown on the floor every game, and in the press conference every night.

So how closely will I be following? Probably with enough energy to churn out a post a week or so to catch up, but I'm not going to put myself through 82 games of this slop. Hinkie has a plan, and we're all going to have to suffer through it. I plan to limit my suffering as much as possible.

The tip is at 7pm. I won't be here, or anywhere else near a computer. If you'd like to use this as your game thread, feel free.
by Brian on Oct 30 2013
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