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Options At Fifteen

On Draft Eve the Sixers lame-duck, emasculated general manager seems content with the number 15 pick, and perfectly happy to take a passive approach to the draft, so I'll do the same.

I seriously doubt the Sixers will move up in the first round, but if they do I only want it done to get one of three players. (1) Andre Drummond. He may wind up being a bust, but he's got the highest ceiling. Put it this way, a 50% realized Drummond trumps a 100% realized Sullinger in my book. (2) Thomas Robinson. His ceiling isn't as high as Drummond's, but he's pretty likely to reach it. I'd probably trade anyone on the roster outside of Jrue to get either of them. The third guy I'd trade up for is Terrence Ross, and I'd give up anyone but Iguodala or Jrue to get him. Hopefully, they won't have to trade up to land Ross.

OK, now let's look at the guys who have been linked to the Sixers in mock drafts at #15:

  • Terrence Ross - Probably my ideal pick here. I think there's maybe a 1% chance they get an All Star level talent at fifteen, so I'm going for a guy who (A) has a tangible, NBA-level skill and (B) has a skill this team desperately needs. Ross can shoot. He can shoot and he can defend. Draft him, start him at the two between Iguodala and Jrue and this team immediately becomes much, much better.
  • Perry Jones - Jones represents the 1% chance of landing an All Star with this pick. I won't be upset if he's the pick, depending on who they passed on to take him.
  • Meyers Leonard - Good size, good athleticism. Seems like he'll be able to use both on both ends of the floor (catch a pass and dunk it/hedge a screen and contest from the weak side). Sign me up.
  • Jared Sullinger - No. No. No. Unathletic and and injury risk? No way. I've seen more than enough earthbound bigs wearing the Sixers uni. I also have an aversion to unathletic Buckeyes that may never go away.
  • Terrence Jones - Seems like too much of a tweener to me. No thanks.
  • Arnett Moultrie - Speights comparisons don't really inspire confidence. I guess they could do worse.

Three guys who began in the Sixers range and have fallen out are Henson, Zeller and Rivers. I could live with any of those guys, I suppose. I'd probably order them Rivers, Henson, Zeller. Rivers looks like he's going to be a really good shooter to me, and I'm putting a premium on that skill once Drummond and Robinson are drafted by someone else.
by Brian on Jun 27 2012
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