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I'm going to group Jermaine O'Neal and Zach Randolph, two power forwards who could be had for a song (and a ton of cap relief), would provide scoring at the position and who I want absolutely no part of for dissimilar reasons. (Check after the jump for the offseason archive.)

Zach Randolph

  • 3 years/$48M left on his current deal with the Knicks
Thoughts On The Player

Randolph has the skills to score in the post. He has the skills to knock down the 18-foot jumper. He can, and does, grab double-digit rebounds. On paper, he's got everything you could possibly want from a PF. On the court, he's out-of-shape, selfish and a team-killer.

Now, could he change if surrounded by a bunch of guys who care more about winning than their own stats or going to strip clubs and getting into fights after the game? Who knows, he's never been in a situation like that. I'm not willing to bet $48M that he would be able to, and I doubt the Sixerrs will be either.

Thoughts On Likelihood

Please. Please. Please, let this be zero. No possibility whatsoever.

Jermaine O'Neal

  • 2 years/$44M left on his contract with Indiana.
Thoughts On The Player

When healthy, O'Neal provides exactly what the Sixers need at the PF position. Scoring on the blocks, rebounding, weak-side help, and on the ball defense. He's a perfect fit, when healthy. Notice a theme here? O'Neal hasn't played a full seasons since '03-'04. His injuries are the main concern, but it's a huge concern. He's only 29 years-old, but seems to have the legs of a 40 year-old.

Thoughts On Likelihood

O'Neal's situation is only mildly more interesting than Zach Randolph's. If the Sixers decided they wanted to make a serious run this season, and Indiana sees O'Neal as an albatross, the Sixers could put together a package to land O'Neal without giving up any of their core. Reggie Evans, Willie Green, Rodney Carney, Calvin Booth plus all of their cap space would get it done.

The thought being, if they got O'Neal they could make a serious run in '08-'09, and still set themselves up for a drastic rebuild in two years. Andre Miller's contract expires next season, O'Neal's would expire the following year, clearing $30M+ in cap space when LeBron and a host of others become free agents. It's a short-term gamble which would also allow Thad Young, Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala another couple of years to gel and develop. The Sixers would have a clear look at exactly how much talent they have at what positions, then they could use the cap space down the road to address any weaknesses, instead of guessing about the future of these guys right now and making decisions based on assumptions.

Personally, I don't think it's worth the risk. If they want to leave themselves wiggle room to rework the roster in a year or two, Mike Miller is a better option.

Either of these guys interest you at all?

Check after the jump for the complete offseason archives.
by Brian on May 28 2008
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