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Phil Jasner is an ASSHOLE!Just in case Philly fans weren't suicidal enough following four franchises through more than two decades of futility and false hope. Check out this story from today's Philadelphia Daily News.

Phil Jasner goes to work on the young Sixers with such a scornful pen it's a little tough to read at times. I thought jackassery of this order was limited to the likes of Stephen A. Smith (until he was unceremoniously canned). I don't get it. Read this paragraph from his story:

The 2-2 Sixers are basically as advertised. They dug a hole for themselves and lost Opening Night in Toronto, used a furious end-of-the-game surge to win against a listless Chicago Bulls team, lost their home opener by five points to a ripe-to-be-beaten New Jersey Nets group, then overwhelmed the injury-riddled Bobcats.
OK, let's break this down and take a look at Jasner's stilted encapsulation of the Sixers first four games.

They dug a hole for themselves - Yes. They started the season 0-1, quite a hole. Obviously, they should've been expected to win opening night, on the road, against the Raptors who won the Atlantic Division last year. Also no mention of the fact that they pushed Toronto the entire game and it took a "late-game surge" from Toronto to seal the victory.

used a furious end-of-the-game surge to win against a listless Chicago Bulls team - Just FYI, Phil, the Sixers led this game after every quarter, and their end-of-the-game surge amounted to a 25-24 advantage in the fourth quarter. Of course, the Bulls were "listless" so beating a team coming off a 49-win season is no great feat. The notion being, the Sixer should have won this game, so the win doesn't really count.

lost their home opener by five points to a ripe-to-be-beaten New Jersey Nets group - The Nets and Sixers were both coming off back-to-backs. The Sixers played a tough game, in Chicago, and didn't rest any regulars. The Nets played at home, and lost by 40 to the Raptors (the same team the Sixers dug a hole against). The Nets regulars played about 20 minutes each. So, less distance to travel, more rest, and coming off an embarrassing loss equates to "ripe-to-be-beaten" in Jasner's book. Fair enough.

overwhelmed the injury-riddled Bobcats - By "injury riddled" Jasner means the Bobcats were without their point guard, Raymond Felton. Literally, Felton is the only Bobcat who missed the game. Again, this is a game the Sixers should've won, so the win doesn't count.

Here's the thing, Jasner, like just about every other basketball writer in the country, criticized the Sixers for standing pat while every other team in the Eastern Conference got better. Here's a quote from his preview story on the season:

Look around: Boston muscled up with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, New Jersey is getting rising center Nenad Krstic back from an injury and has veteran forward Jamaal Magloire, on a 1-year contract, playing for another one. New York, for all its offcourt histrionics, made a nice, if chancy, addition in Zach Randolph, and defending Atlantic champion Toronto didn't hurt itself with the addition of sweet shooter Jason Kapono and Carlos Delfino, an international guard who never found a niche with Detroit.
So Jasner made a point of saying how the Sixers have been passed by EVERYONE in the division. Using that logic, you'd think he'd be a bit surprised by a 2-2 start. Especially considering the Sixers opened with two games on the road against playoff teams, then came back home to face another playoff team, who actually improved in the offseason. You'd think Jasner would be expecting a 1-3 start, at best. Probably 0-4 because the Bobcats went out and got Jason Richardson, thus vaulting over the Sixers who "stood pat."

At least get your story straight if you're going to write hatchet jobs, Phil. If the Sixers suck, then don't say they're missing opportunities by losing to playoff teams. If they're good, and under-achieving, then say so.

The Sixers take on the jet-lagged, injury-riddled, listless, ripe-to-be-beaten Toronto Raptors at the Wach. tonight.
by Brian on Nov 9 2007
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