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Pick Five

Here's a fun exercise to pass the time on this scorching hot Thursday. Start with the Sixers team that went to the finals in 2000-2001, pick any player who played for the Sixers at any time that year or any times since, and put together a roster. Further explanation and rules to follow.

OK, so here's the full exercise. You're putting together an 8-man rotation. Doug Collins will be your coach. You should pick the player and the year (it has to be a year in which he played for the Sixers, you can't pick Chris Webber 1996 or Elton Brand 2005.)

Put together your absolute best roster and then answer this question: If by some kind of time-traveling/voodoo magic you could assemble this team, would it be good enough to win a championship in today's NBA?

Here's my team:

  • PG: Jrue Holiday ('10-11) -This was a tough call, but I took Jrue over Andre Miller because I wanted a starter who could help cover for Iverson on the defensive end, and could also knock down the three.
  • SG: Allen Iverson ('00-01) - His MVP season wasn't his best statistical season as a Sixer, he was more efficient in '05-06, but I went with the younger version. I want Iverson at the height of his physical skills.
  • SF: Andre Iguodala ('08-09) - Super-efficient scoring, got to the line a ton, great floor game, great rebounding and great defense on the wing.
  • PF: Elton Brand ('10-11) - It came down to either Brand last year or maybe Keith Van Horn as a stretch four. It really wasn't much of a debate. Iverson's penetration would've been a huge, huge boost to Brand's offensive production, and Brand would've been allowed to play the four exclusively on defense because of the next guy.
  • C: Dikembe Mutombo ('00-01) - Hands down, easiest decision.
  • 6th Man: Kyle Korver ('06-07) - 43% from three for a team that's going to need all the shooting it can get.
  • 7th man: Aaron McKie ('01-02) - 40% from three, can provide solid minutes and defense at PG, SG or even SF.
  • 8th man: Theo Ratliff ('00-'01) - Had to be a big man, came down to Dalembert in '09-10 or Theo who actually got hurt and was traded that season. I went with Theo because I think he was a better team defender and this team would have to win with defense. It was tough to overlook Dalembert's dominant defensive rebounding, though.

I'd probably round the roster out with Thad to play spot minutes at the four, Lou for instant offense in rare situations, maybe Derrick Coleman to give a different look at the four and finally Lou Amundson because we need a white guy on the end of the bench for the crowd to root for.

Give me that squad in today's game, and I think they're a top three team in the East, but I think it would be a stretch to call them a contender. They'd probably be the best defensive team in the league, and they'd be built to be carried by Iverson on the offensive end, but I just don't see how you could think they'd have a chance against Miami. It's kind of funny and sad that they haven't had a decent offensive big man in over a decade. More sad.

The toughest decision here was to leave Andre Miller off the team, but I just don't think he fit next to Iverson. Defenders and shooters were needed. Iverson and Jrue would play almost 80 minutes/game combined anyway, so there aren't a whole lot of minutes to go around in the back court. McKie's versatility won the backup slot for him.

There you have it. Take your shot in the comments. Oh, and the answer to your question is yes. I've clearly run out of things to write about. F the lockout.
by Brian on Jul 21 2011
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