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Place Your Bets

With the franchise's future seemingly hanging in the balance, the Sixers lumber toward next week's draft with basically only the #15 pick in tow, and a bunch of unanswered questions. Let's lay them out and get everyone's prediction.

Not what you want to happen, but what you think will happen:

  1. Lou Williams re-signs with the Sixers, or plays in another uniform next season?
  2. Spencer Hawes re-signs or walks?
  3. Jodie Meeks re-signs or walks?
  4. Lavoy Allen re-signs or walks?
  5. Andre Iguodala stays or gets traded?
  6. Elton Brand stays on his current contract, opts out of his final year but re-signs a longer deal for less yearly money, or the Sixers use their amnesty provision on him?
  7. Evan Turner stays or gets traded?
  8. The Sixers stay at #15 and draft either (a) a shooter, (b) a big, (c) other?
  9. Do the Sixers trade the #15 pick to either move down or out of the first round?
  10. Do the Sixers make a trade to move up into the lottery, if so, how high?
  11. Do the Sixers make a serious run at Deron Williams in free agency?
  12. Do the Sixers sign any free agent (from another team) for a contract worth more than $40M?
  13. Is Rod Thorn's replacement hired prior to the draft? Before the season begins?

  14. That should be enough to keep the discussion going, though there's clearly more possibilities out there. Have at it.
by Brian on Jun 20 2012
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