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It's human nature to focus on the short term when things are going well. I'm probably more guilty of this sin than most. With that in mind, after the jump we'll take a look at Chad Ford's latest column from ESPN.com, and the possibility of a long-term solution at the point.

Ford, ESPN's draft guru, talks about the strength of what is otherwise considered a weak draft class, the point guards. There is still a high likelihood that Andre Miller will walk after this season, so landing one of these guys in the draft may be the solution for next season at the point.

Here's Ford's list, along with where a range where they're likely to be taken:

  1. Ricky Rubio - Top three.
  2. Jrue Holliday - Anywhere from #4-#10.
  3. Stephen Curry - Lottery
  4. Brandon Jennings - Top five to middle of first round.
  5. Willie Warren - Possible lottery.
  6. Jonny Flynn - Mid-first round pick.
  7. Jeff Teague - Possible lottery.
  8. Ty Lawson - Lottery to end of first round.
  9. Patrick Mills - First round bubble.
  10. Darren Collison - First round bubble.
Personally, Curry is the guy I'd love to see the Sixers get. He may not be a pure point, but his shooting makes him a perfect fit for the Sixers. With Iggy on the floor, they could get by without a prototypical point and Curry could balance some of the weaknesses on the roster. I also think he has the maturity to step into a starting role in the NBA, Rubio and Collison may be the only other guys on this list you can say that about. It's highly doubtful that Curry will be there when the Sixers pick (by the way, it's pretty nice to check this out and not find the Sixers on the list).

If Curry falls, the Sixers could make a deal to move up and grab him. That's pretty much the only hope. Keep your fingers crossed for an early exit from the NCAAs for Davidson.

Anyone on this list float your boat as the leader of this team next season? Or, even if Miller does re-sign, as his eventual replacement?

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by Brian on Jan 15 2009
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