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Possible Target: Reggie Williams

Another wing isn't at the top of the Sixers list of needs, but it's on there somewhere. Jason Kapono is gone and there have been several rumors of Andres Nocioni's departure swirling as well. A guy who could fill the role nicely is Reggie Williams and he may have just become more available.

Williams fits the Sixers because he's a guy who doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective. He's a very good three-point shooter who can put the ball on the floor if he's crowded. He's a decent rebounder, doesn't turn the ball over and scores extremely efficiently. He'd fit perfectly with Jrue and Iguodala, or Jrue and Turner, or Iguodala and Turner and help stretch the floor while allowing those guys to make plays for him and others.

Williams is a restricted free agent, meaning if the new CBA works anything like the old one, the Warriors will have the right to match any offer, but a report from Yahoo throws a wrench into his situation.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Williams has signed a contract to play in Spain this season. His contract does include an out so he can return to the NBA if/when the lockout ends, but the out comes with a $1M buyout clause. Under the old CBA, teams could only pay $500,000 of overseas buyout clauses. If Williams isn't willing to pony up $500K out of his own pocket (and assuming this rule remains in the new CBA), the number of teams willing to bid on him may shrink, and Golden State may be less willing to match an offer.

There's a decent chance Williams would choose to remain in Spain for the entire season, making this a play for the future if the Sixers can sign him, which wouldn't be a bad move. Either way, he's worth taking a look at on a reasonable contract.
by Brian on Aug 23 2011
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