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Potential FA Target: James Jones

Let's, for a moment, bury our heads in the sand and imagine the owners weren't on the verge of locking the players out. Free agency would be opening up tomorrow and a player who would fit a need for the Sixers has just thrown his hat into the ring. Miami sharp shooter, James Jones.

If you're looking for a guy who doesn't need the ball in his hands to spend some time on the floor with Jrue, Turner, Lou and Iguodala, well, Jones fits the bill. To say this guy is a one-trick pony is an affront to this pony.

Jones stands on the perimeter, shoots threes, and makes a great percentage of them (43% last season.) Literally, that's all the guy does. Last season, he attempted 391 field goals, 321 of them were threes. In 1,801 minutes (including the post season), he took exactly five shots in isolation. Five.

I suppose the difference between Jones and a guy like Jason Kapono is (a) Jones can still shoot and (b) he's not the worst defender in the league. According to 82games.com, his PER against was pretty good (13.7), and Synergy ranks him as a decent defender (0.9 PPPA), though I seriously doubt he had many difficult defensive assignments (though he did guard Iguodala for a couple stretches in the first round of the playoffs).

Jones declined his player option for $1.4M for the upcoming season from Miami, which means he'll be an unrestricted free agent if/when the lockout ends. He's probably worth somewhere between the $1.4M he turned down and the MLE, if the MLE still exists, but he's really only a specialist. His specialty happens to be in an area that could really help the Sixers, and I wouldn't mind it if they took a look at him, but it would depend on the price. He'd have to be a bargain. I'd say the odds of this happening are pretty slim. I'm not sure how much interest the Sixers would show, and Jones will probably get offers from teams with a higher ceiling. Everybody loves shooters, at least on paper. Though it can't be a good sign that Miami pretty much completely ignored Jones later in the playoffs, instead opting for the zombie that used to be known as Mike Miller.
by Brian on Jun 30 2011
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