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PR Nightmare

According to Yahoo!, Allen Iverson has requested another leave of absence to attend to family matters, and the team is debating whether they want him back.

From a basketball perspective, this is probably a good move. More minutes for Jrue, maybe some burn for Meeks to see what you have. This team isn't going anywhere, so what's the point in playing Iverson?

From a human being perspective, this is appalling. The guy is leaving the team to take care of a sick child, you don't fire a guy for that. Have a heart.

From a PR perspective, the fact that word has leaked out is an abject disaster. Listen, I get the move and I actually agree with it from both sides. Iverson needs to be with his family, the team really needs to move on without him, but there's a diplomatic way to do this. There's a way to get what everyone wants, there's a very simple way to work this situation out quietly. This shouldn't be something the three Eds need to sit down and talk about, it shouldn't be a team decision whether they're going to cut him loose or not, it should be a conversation between Stefanski and Iverson, with the goal being Iverson leaving the team with dignity.

For a franchise that's been remarkably insular regarding trades/free agent signings, etc. I'm frankly amazed word has leaked, if the report is true. There must be someone within the organization who doesn't like how this is being played out, and I can't say that I blame them.
by Brian on Feb 22 2010
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