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Predictably Disappointing

Games like tonight are what make me fairly certain the Sixers would have a better record right now had Elton Brand not gotten hurt. There's no way they would ever get destroyed on the boards like that if he was in the lineup. As it was, Larry Brown out Larry Browned Tony DiLeo and the Sixers squandered another opportunity.

Let's start with the good, because emotionally, I need to. Thad continued to dominate. 10/14 from the floor, 7 boards (30.4% of the team's total, by the way), 4 assists, 2 steals for 21 points. Andre Iguodala recovered from a tough first half to spark the run that just fell short. He hit two threes out of nowhere to give the Sixers a shot they really didn't earn at winning at the end. Lou Wiliams took the game over by getting to the rim and to the line throughout the fourth. He was 8/8 from the stripe.

And now, the bad. Too many minutes for Reggie. Yes, he was on the floor for the comeback, but I truly believe they came back in spite of his presence, not because of it. The most shocking thing about tonight's game, for me, was the poor decision making on Andre Miller's part. I counted three just absolutely stupid passes. One, on the break that he threw directly to Raja Bell when he had an easy 2 on 1 opportunity if he just brought the ball up. Another when he had a wide-open layup on a break and he tried some kind of behind the back scoop to Iguodala in traffic. And the third, an ill-advised bounce pass into the lane on an inbounds pass intended for Iggy. The pass never had a shot.

Not to mention the two shots he forced up in traffic when he had a man wide-open on the wing. The most-damning of those came with 57 seconds remaining. On the previous offensive possession, the Sixers called a play for Thad out of a timeout, he blew by his man on the baseline for an easy finish at the rim. Charlotte then scored on the other end to push the lead back to 4. Miller pushed the ball up, drew three defenders and Thad filled the left wing perfectly. A pass to Thad and the deficit goes right back to 2. Instead, Miller forced the shot, missed, Evans took a silly foul and the lead was pushed to six.

I don't know what to say about the second quarter, other than the Sixers flat out sucked.

File this one under bad losses at home to lottery teams.

Player of The Game: Thad. 6 straight 20-point games.
Team Record: 37-34
Up Next: Detroit on Sunday

If you're into scoreboard watching, Atlanta lost, so the Sixers remain 3 games behind them in the loss column. The loss pushes them back to 6th for the night, but they're still tied with Miami in the loss column.
by Brian on Mar 27 2009
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