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Predicting 2010: Rodney Carney

Hopefully, this installment of the Predicting 2010 series won't be premature. I haven't seen anything from the team regarding the signing of Rodney Carney, but I'm going to toss him into the equation anyway. After the jump, we'll take a look at the stats, projections and try to figure out where he's going to fit in with this roster.

I envision Carney as part of the three-point brigade coming off the bench. Kapono, Carney, Ivey and hopefully Holiday, will be used to help overcome the three-point deficit which will most likely be created by the starters. Is it an ideal solution? No, you'd obviously love to have your starting lineup be able to at least stay even with the opponents from three, but their strengths lie elsewhere. It's going to be up to the bench to come in and stretch the floor.

How well equipped is Carney to be a part of the three-point solution? Well, he's never shot better than league average from three, but his 35% mark ranks him as one of the best for Philly. I don't think he'll play heavy minutes, about 8 per game, but much as with Kapono, I think he'll have the green light to fire from deep when he's in there. He showed signs of being a sniper at the end of his last season here, he showed flashes last year in Minnesota, if he can carry some of that confidence into the limited role he's asked to play, he can help this team. He's nowhere near the shooter Kapono is, but putting Rodney on the floor doesn't carry the same negatives as heavy minutes for Kapono either. He can defend, he can run, and he can put his unbelievable athleticism to use.

Here's a quick look at his stats from last season and my projections for the upcoming year:

Like I said above, a limited, but potentially important, role for Carney. Thoughts in the comments, as usual. Check out the full series here.
by Brian on Sep 15 2009
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