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Predicting the Atlantic

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We're going to spend the rest of our time leading up to training camp with Cliff's Notes previews and predictions of each division in the NBA. After the jump I'll give my quick take, then I want to hear what you guys think in the comments. We'll start with the Atlantic today.

1. Celtics (55-27) - Sheed helps, age hurts and alienating the only star on your team under the age of 30 is never a recipe for success. Boston is still in the upper echelon of the NBA, but they're at the bottom of it and I believe their championship window has closed.

2. Sixers (46-36) - A huge bounce-back year for EB. Better offense in the PO but carried by exceptional defense. (obviously, much more on this prediction at a later date).

3. Nets (39-42) - Subtracting Vince Carter equals more wins, believe it or not. They're now a young, hungry team with quality defenders all over the floor. Harris, Lee, Williams and Lopez make for a nice nucleus, now if they can only figure out what to do with Yi.

4. Raptors (36-46) - Everyone's darling in the Atlantic somehow made one of the softest rosters in the NBA even softer. Take a look at this starting lineup: Calderon, DeRozen, Turkoglu, Bosh, Bargnani. None of them can spell defense. They brought in Reggie Evans to add some toughness from the bench, but we all know that's a myth. Don't buy the hype on the Raptors.

5. Knicks (30-52) - The economy sort of helped the Knicks this summer. If there was any money out there, David Lee and Nate Robinson would be long gone. Instead, the Knicks will return basically the same roster, plus their disappointing draft pick, Jordan Hill (who will be competing with Lee for minutes). This roster is pitiful, 30 wins is a generous prediction, as far as I'm concerned. Consider them like Toronto, only talentless on both defense and offense. They do have a nifty gimmick system though, so they've got that going for them.

Leave your own predictions in the comments. Don't go into too much detail for the Sixers though, we'll be discuss those predictions in depth as the season draws near.
by Brian on Sep 24 2009
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