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Predicting the Northwest

Up next is the Northwest division. Predictions and thoughts after the jump.

1. Utah (54-28) - Boozer will miraculously be 100% healthy in his contract season. Okur is playing for a contract as well. D. Williams is back as well. I like the talent on this team, I like their coach. I think this is a bounce back year in Utah.

2. Denver (53-29) - Seemingly everything went right for Denver last season. I see a slight dropoff this season, but not much. Nene and the Birdman need to stay healthy, sane and effective.

3. Portland (52-30) - The "getting to know you" period for the Blazers and Andre Miller will probably be a little bumpy, adding up to a slow start. Again, they'll be just a game or two off their win total from last season, though.

4. Oklahoma City (35-47) - Improvement from this young team, but no playoffs. Too young, too many holes (especially in the middle).

5. Minnesota (23-59) - Fighting for the worst record in the league. Expect big point and assist numbers from Flynn, but not a good season by any advanced metric. I still like their two bigs, just wish one of them could defend.

Thoughts in the comments.
by Brian on Sep 28 2009
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