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Predicting the Southwest

This morning we'll tackle what I think is the best division in basketball, the Southwest. Predictions and thoughts after the jump.
1. San Antonio (58-24) - Richard Jefferson was a bold move. Antonio McDyess and DeJaun Blair were good additions up front. Honestly, I'd have this team up at about 65 wins if it Tim Duncan wasn't so old and Manu wasn't made of glass. If they can somehow remain healthy, they could easily head into the playoffs as the #1 seed.

2. Dallas (55-27) - Shawn Marion gives them some added depth (and insurance) on the wing, and a dynamic guy to play the four if they want to go small and move Dirk to the five. Kidd isn't what he once was, and Cuban is going to regret the length of the deal he gave him, but he is effective in that offense. This team could make some noise, although had Orlando not matched their offer sheet for Marcin Gortat I think they'd be sitting pretty (why didn't they put a poison pill into that deal?)

3. New Orleans (53-29) - Paul is going to turn Okafor into an All Star, mark my words. Not a lot of depth on this squad, and there's always the threat of a trade to dump salary (again), but as constructed, I like them.

4. Houston (32-50) - Ariza was a nice piece, in his role, for the Lakers, but he isn't a lead guy. The Rockets just don't have the juice. This will be a lost season, and probably a decently-high lottery pick.

5. Memphis (17-65) - What a putrid franchise. If you can explain to me how they're going to have enough touches for Zach Randolph, Allen Iverson, OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay I'll...well, I'll watch a Grizzlies game when I don't have to. Thabeet is a joke. If any GM deserves to be fired, it's Chris Wallace.

Thoughts in the comments.
by Brian on Sep 29 2009
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