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Preseason Game 2: Game Thread


As for the game, well, I'm in the mood for another blowout and I'll be a little disappointed if the first game looks like an aberration when this one is done. It's time to make the Wizards look like a JV team, again.

As for the site, well, most of the new features are in place, so let me walk you through them.

First, the reason. Over the summer I thought a lot about how I use the site, and how I assume most of you guys use it (at least the guys who comment). Essentially, most of the posts I write are conversation starters. People come, read what I wrote, then take place in the discussion in the comments section. It always bothered me, as a reader, that I had to come to the entry and then scroll down several thousand pixels to keep up with the conversation. Basically, once you've read the post once, it's no longer the most important piece of content on the page, the discussion is, so I wanted to make it easier to (a) get into the conversation in terms of clicks and scrolls and (b) create more interaction with the comments.

What you see now on this page is my attempt to make it easier for all of us to keep up with game threads, and get right into the discussion after you've read the story. To that end, here are the changes:

  • The first time you come to an article, the entire body of the post will be there, just like it's always been. When you come back to the article, you will only see the image and the first paragraph or two of the article. You can easily view the entire article by clicking a link, but the standard view is to hide most of it, so the discussion is moved further up the page
  • As you've probably noticed, a few weeks back I added functionality to flag comments as "unread." They visually stand out on the page, so you can tell at a glance what you haven't read yet.
  • When you come back to an entry, now, all comments you've already seen will be rolled up so you can only see who wrote the comment and what time. Each comment can easily be expanded by clicking the +/- link next to it, or by clicking the "Expand" or "Toggle' links in the new floating comment guide (which I'll get to in a second).
  • The floating comment guide is a new piece of technology which will be most useful during game threads. It will always be right there, in the lower-left corner of your screen and the yellow number there will update every 30 seconds or so. The number shows how many new comments have been posted to the article since you began reading. By clicking on that number, you will refresh the page, flag all the new comments as unread and scroll down to the oldest unread comment. There's also a handy "leave a comment" link on there which will automatically scroll you down to the comment form so you can leave a comment.

There's still a bit of work to be done, but give everything a whirl during tonight's game thread, and let me know what you think.

Oh yeah, Prediction: PHI 115, WAS 95.

Have at it, folks.
by Brian on Dec 20 2011
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