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Pressing Questions - 5/28

Who is the Sixers future center? You know the drill, only one rule in today's reader-guided discussion. Let's avoid talk about trading Iguodala. I feel like that's all we've talked about this week. I realize it's mostly my fault, so I'll stick by my rule. Everything else is fair game. Ice breakers from me and conversation from you after the jump.

  • Anyone else really enjoying the Phoenix/LAL series?
  • Speaking of that series, Collins keeps talking about what guys like Dudley and Vujacic bring to the team in terms of pesky defense and three-point shooting. Do you think he'll make a push to bring in this type of guy to play off the bench this season?
  • Assume Collins can somehow revitalize Brand, what do you think his ceiling is for this season?

Alright, that should be enough to get the juices flowing. Have at it in the comments, respond to any of the questions above, and/or ask whatever is on your mind. Time is yours.
by Brian on May 28 2010
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