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Pressing Questions - 5/7

It's officially Friday, which means it's time for a reader-guided discussion. I have a couple of questions to kick things off after the jump, then the thread is yours. Float any topic that's on your mind in the comments and we'll spend the day batting them back and forth.

On SixersBeat last night, Derek and I spent some time talking about trade scenarios involving the draft. Below are two scenarios, let me know where you fall on each:

  1. The Wizards wind up with the #3 pick, the Sixers at #6 or #7. Washington is willing to trade us the #3 pick and Gilbert Arenas (with his monster contract) for our pick, plus the expiring contracts of Sam, Willie and Kapono. Would you pull the trigger?
  2. Some un-named team is willing to trade us a pick in the top three for Andre Iguodala. We'd have to take some contract(s) back, but they wouldn't be completely toxic. We'd keep our pick, let's say #6. Would you pull the trigger?

That's all I've got. Take it away, guys.
by Brian on May 7 2010
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