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Pressing Questions - 6/4

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/Vacation2010060410.jpgAn extra special summer vacation open discussion thread after the jump. And no, I couldn't have possibly fit more adjectives in the previous sentence.

Well guys, I'm sorry to tell you I'm heading for the left coast as you read this post. The house-sitter is in place, the kids are packed and I'm excited for some much needed R&R.

Fear not, though, this blog will not fall dormant in my absence. And really, you can't even call it an absence considering I'll have my laptop with me and most of our hotels will surely have wi-fi. Anyway, just in case, I've got a post a day in the queue and ready to go up at midnight each night.

If anything big happens, I'll find a way to get a quick post up. I'll be checking the comments whenever I can, and hopefully we'll have a post or two from Statman to help out as well.

To get today's conversation going, I'll leave you with one question.

Will the Sixers make a trade prior to my return on June 21st?

Keep it civil, use the comments to share links, thoughts, concerns or nervous excitement, as the case may be. The time is yours.