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I've got a handful to kick things off:

  1. Has Doug Collins lost the team?
  2. Can he find them? If so, how/when?
  3. Do you consider this a lost season in terms of developing the young guys? Do you think any of them have shown any kind of growth?
  4. Scale of 1-10, how confident are you the Sixers will make the playoffs?
  5. These last two are related: Believe it or not, the Sixers control their own destiny in the division now. Beat Orlando, beat Boston and they're all alone in 1st in the Atlantic. Do you think they can do it? Do you think they will do it?
  6. Hypothetical: Say the team rallies from this point, wins the Atlantic, gets home-court in the first round over Atlanta and wins a series, then loses to the Bulls in the second round. Even if that result would be fun to watch, do you think it would create more of a false sense of security for ownership and the front office? Meaning, if that's all we have left to root for, could it completely screw the team long term?

Answer any/all in the comments below, or start a topic of your own. Happy Good Friday.

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by Brian on Apr 6 2012
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