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Pressing Questions - August 13

Never a dull moment for Sixers fans, huh? Plenty to talk about in today's edition of Pressing Questions. I'll kick it off after the jump, you guys bring it home in the comments.

  • Andre Iguodala has basically locked down a starting spot on Team USA. The coaches have been heaping praise on him. He was the player of the game in leading his squad to another win in last night's scrimmage. What's it going to take for Sixers fans to realize this guy can really play?
  • Thorn is here, it was made abundantly clear Ed Stefanski will resume his role as lackey. How long until Thorn pulls the trigger on a deal to put his thumbprint on this roster?

That should be more than enough to get things started. Enjoy the fourth angle on Thorn's "hair" at your leisure.
by Brian on Aug 13 2010
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