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Pressing Questions - August 19, 2011


First, a PSA. It's been quiet around here for too long, but I'm happy to say the project that nearly put me in the grave is nearing it's end and things will return to normal here next week. I thank you for your patience and I only wish there was more we could talk about.

But it is Friday, so here are a couple of topics for you to mull over:

  • Besides Nocioni and Allen, who's most likely to play overseas from the Sixers if the season is lost?
  • Over/under for Marreese Speights' weight when the lockout ends: 330lbs. What's your bet?
  • Assuming the season isn't entirely lost and there's an extremely short window for teams to make roster changes and hold an abbreviated training camp. Would the Sixers have an advantage because they won't be installing a new system, they'll have the same coach and most likely very limited turnover in their roster?

Time is yours, folks.
by Brian on Aug 19 2011
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