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Pressing Questions - August 20

Another Friday, another Pressing Questions. I'll kick it off with a few discussion topics after the jump, you guys take it from there.

  • Who do you think will lead the team in scoring this season?
  • Without Dalembert protecting the rim, which is more important to the team this year from a defensive standpoint: (a) Jrue, Turner and Iguodala stopping penetration, because there's no shotblocking threat to protect the rim? or (b) The bigs figuring out how to protect the rim to make up for what they're missing from Dalembert?
  • Bonus question, considering there's no goaltending once the ball is on the rim in International play, would Dalembert be an unbelievably successful defender if he hadn't gotten the boot from Team Canada?

I'll be here throughout, anything you feel like discussing, bring it up in the comments. Also, leave links for anything interesting to read, August Friday's are painfully slow.
by Brian on Aug 20 2010
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