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Pressing Questions - August 6

We'll take a temporary break from the Early Predictions series for our weekly journey into the minds of our readers. I'll kick it off with a few topics after the jump, you guys bring it home in the comments.
  1. When Garnett and Allen joined the Celts a couple years back, I felt like crap but I could tell myself these guys were nearing the end of their careers and the Celts would have a very narrow window of dominance before they all became over-the-hill, overpaid, former stars. I'm having troubling finding something to hang my hat on regarding the Wade/LBJ/Bosh combo in Miami. What do you guys think, is there a silver lining for any non-Miami fan? Injuries? Karma? The douche factor? The lockout stealing a full season of their primes and then forcing some kind of a breakup because of a hard cap? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just need a reason to believe they won't dominate the league for the next five years.
  2. Two-part question. (a) Who's more important to the long-term success of the Sixers, Jrue or Turner? In three years, which guy will be the better player?
Have at it.
by Brian on Aug 6 2010
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