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The Sixers have the number one defense in the league by a pretty large margin. They also lead the league in field goal percentage against and three-point percentage against. Three questions stemming from this information:

  1. Who is most responsible for the stifling defense this team is playing (coaches and/or players)?
  2. Can they keep this defensive production up for the entire season? Any chance they finish the year as the #1 defensive team in the league?
  3. Dare to dream, for a second. If the Sixers had Dwight Howard in the middle playing 40 minutes/game, would teams even be able to break 80 points/game against them?

OK, time is yours, folks. Answer these questions, bring up anything that's on your mind. The Sixers are 9-3 on January 15th. 365 days ago, they had 16 wins to go along with 23 losses. Let's spend this glorious Sunday enjoying it.
by Brian on Jan 15 2012
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