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Pressing Questions - July 9th

Plenty to talk about, you guys know the drill. I'll kick if off after the jump.

I'll leave the obvious topics for you guys. My question is going to focus on something positive. To set the scene, think back to this time last season. Jrue Holiday was a rooke who hounded the ball and seemed lost on the offensive side of the ball, save for some nice passes. Then fast forward to the preseason when Jrue could barely find the floor and was actually benched against the dreaded defense of the Knicks' backcourt. Jrue showed flashes early in the season, and a steady development throughout, to the point where he was clearly on his way toward the end of the year. Now think about the player we saw on the floor in the first three summer league games this week. The kid seems to have made a leap. Here's my question, could this be Jrue's team sooner rather than later?

Thoughts on this, questions/topics of your own in the comments. Time is yours.
by Brian on Jul 9 2010