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Pressing Questions - October 15


Here's a look at the preseason so far:

  • Loss to the 12-win NJ Nets
  • Destroyed by the Celtics at full strength
  • 7-point lead blown in the final 15 seconds against Nets (again)
  • Win over Boston's second and third stringers.
  • Double overtime loss to the hapless Raptors.
Is there anyone left out there who still thinks the Sixers are a .500 team?

One more question, can anyone explain why Elton Brand can't seem to grab a rebound to save his life? You don't have to be the most athletic guy to grab a few boards, anyone can do it. Is it lack of motivation? Is it something else? I could explain, or at least understand if it was a slight, or even moderate drop off from his career numbers, but he's just absolutely fallen off a cliff.

The day is yours, guys. Address these issues, ask a question of your own, go off on a tangent, whatever. Let's try to find some new things to talk about.
by Brian on Oct 15 2010
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