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Pressing Questions - September 3

Summer is quickly drawing to a close. Before you know it, we're going to have actual on-the-court happenings to talk about. Until then, though, we've got a Friday tradition to uphold. I'll kick it off after the jump.

  • The first question is simple: Take a look at the picture atop this post, who will be the fifth man to belong on it?
  • By hiring Doug Collins as their head coach and Rod Thorn as their president of basketball operations, the Sixers have taken a definitive step away from youth in the management of their organization, yet they seem to be moving toward youth as far as personnel is concerned. Does this apparent contradiction bother you? Are you worried the older guys in the front office/on the bench could be stodgy, set in their ways as the league moves into advanced scouting and analytics? Or do you think a steady hand at the controls is exactly what you need to keep (or get, as the case may be) a young roster headed in the right direction?

Have at it in the comments.
by Brian on Sep 3 2010
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